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Top Hair Trends of 2020 (So Far)

| by Cashmere Hair

top hair trends 2020Hold up – how is it that we’re already halfway through August? Somehow, this has been both the fastest and slowest year yet (special shoutout to the vortex of space and time that was quarantine). In an attempt to slow things down, we’re taking a look back at the top hair trends of 2020 so far. From pink hair, to 90’s nostalgia, to Cardi B’s DIY hair mask, here’s a roundup of our favorite trends from the weirdest year ever.

1. Curtain Bangs


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Is it a resurgence of the 70’s, or a byproduct of cutting our own bangs during lockdown? Either way – we’re loving this low-maintenance hair trend of 2020.

2. Baby Braids


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These tiny face-framers have been all over Instagram. From famous models to our favorite singers, everyone seems to be sporting these cute little braids!

3. Pink Hair


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Pink hair is having a moment. From faded pastel to bright and saturated, we love everything about this 2020 hair trend.

4. Clip-In Extensions


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We feel pretty fortunate that clip-in’s are having a special moment this year. With salons still closed in many states, people are ditching their tape-in extensions for faster, low-maintenance clip in extensions.

Ready to try a set for yourself? Learn how to find your perfect shade match here!

5. Bubble Ponytails


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A top hair trend of 2020 has definitely been this update to the Ariana-style pony. There’s something so chic about a down-to-there ponytail, and the bubble effect adds a super trendy twist!

6. Butterfly Clips


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The 90’s called, but we’re not giving these back. Could it be that we just spent too much time going through our old stuff during quarantine? Maybe. But we’re loving the nostalgia of these colorful little guys.

7. DIY Hair Masks


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Self care had already reached new levels this year in all areas of life… then, Cardi B shared her DIY hair mask recipe. Instagram exploded, we swooned, and our hair has never been healthier.

Tutorial: Two Top Hair Trends of 2020 in One

Now that we’ve highlighted some of our favorite hair trends of 2020, it’s time to bring them to life! Our stylist Haley created a gorgeous look that combines two of our favorite fads: baby braids and bubble ponytails. Keep reading to get the scoop on this deceptively simple style!


1. Prep Your Hair Extensions.

In this video, Haley is using her Cashmere Hair One Piece Volumizer (you can find it here). Gently brush out any tangles from both your extensions and your own hair. Then, section your hair at ear-level. Starting with the center clips and working outward, attach your One Piece Volumizer.

(Need a refresher on how to clip in your one-piece? Check out our tutorial here!)

2. Add Tousled Waves.

Begin by sectioning off your top layer of hair, and secure with a clip. Then start curling your hair – Haley works from front to back in the video, but do whatever feels right! The trick to her beachy waves is alternating the direction of each curl. Once you finish the underside, take down your section and curl the remainder of hair on that side of your head. Repeat for the other side.

3. Create the Baby Bubble Braids.

Once your hair is nice and tousled, it’s time to add the signature hair trend of 2020! Take a section of hair at the front of your hair, next to the part. Haley leaves out some strands in front for a more boho look – the beauty of this style is it’s super customizeable.

Secure the section with a mini rubber band. Then add a bit more hair from behind the section you already have (sort of like adding hair for french braiding). Take a second rubber band and secure it all together, pulling it out a bit for that bubble effect.

Add one more section of hair, then continue tying off with rubber bands all the way down that piece, pulling out each “bubble” as you go.

Repeat for the other side, and voila! You’re ready to be the trendiest person on that Zoom meeting.

Cashmere Hair Tutorial


Want to get Haley’s exact look? You can shop her One Piece Volumizer here:

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Which of the hair trends this year has been your favorite? Are there any you think we missed? Share with us below in the comments, or reach out to us on Instagram here!

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