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Hair Extension Horoscopes: Fall 2020

| by Cashmere Hair

clip in extensions


As much as we’re not ready for it: fall is nearly here.  To help you through this transition, we’re diving back into our favorite subject, hair horoscopes, to bring you predictions for the next few months – along with some styling suggestions. Let’s get to it!

1. Aries Hair Horoscope

March 21 – April 20

aries hair horoscope

This season, your energy is driven towards new endeavors and creative expression – but there could be a block in fully releasing that energy (thanks a lot, Mercury). Take any frustration as a sign to relax and let the universe do its thing – it should sort itself out in time.

Now might be the time to wash your hair extensions and give them some TLC (before rushing off to create your next great look). Check out our how-to here.

2. Taurus Hair Horoscope

April 20 – May 21

taurus horoscope

Taurus, it’s an important time for you in regards to communication and creativity. Take a closer look at how you communicate with your peers – do you hold back? Share too much? However you do it, make sure your actions align with your goals. And if you’re feeling the urge to redecorate or start a new project, go for it! Creative energy is in the air.

Is now the time? Set up a call with your stylist to change up your hair (or pick from one of our top hair trends here). Just remember, your hair horoscope is screaming communication – so make sure you’re understanding each other.

3. Gemini Hair Horoscope

May 21 – June 21

gemini horoscope

This season, Geminis should expect a bit of overwhelm -you’ll either have a breakthrough or a breakdown (we’ve all been there, don’t worry). Take this as a sign to really care for yourself! Nurture your important relationships, and be with the people who matter most.

It’s self-care time! Treat yourself to a blowout, or pick your favorite shade of Cashmere clip in extensions and get your hair colored to match.

4. Cancer Hair Horoscope

June 21 – July 22

cancer horoscope

Cancer, creative sparks are going left and right for you this Fall! Your mind is fertile, active, and ready to spring you out of that creative rut. Combine that energy with some newfound enlightenment, and you’re setting yourself up for a successful endeavor – whether it’s making friends, growing a business, or even starting an internet presence.

The world always needs more hair videos – film a few using our clip in extensions, and don’t be afraid to get creative! And don’t forget to tag us @cashmere_hair – you never know, a feature could be in your future.

5. Leo Hair Horoscope

July 22 – Aug. 22

leo horoscope

Doors are opening for you career-wise, Leos, and it’s important to take advantage. Don’t let anxiousness hold you back, and lean into that brand-new, energized feeling! Just don’t go too crazy with the credit cards; your Fall is a time to save, not spend.

It’s time to buckle down and put your nose to the grind so you can reap some career rewards – check out these top work-from-home hairstyles to keep you feeling fresh and put together.

6. Virgo Hair Horoscope

Aug. 22 – Sept. 22

virgo hair horoscope

This season has you vibrating with inspiration and ambition – but you’re still searching for where to apply it. Take the time to really focus on what’s important, and trust the Universe to guide you in the right direction.

With all that creative energy, it could be tempting to go full-throttle into a new hair decision. Make sure you’re taking the time to do your research (and for the love of hair, please don’t cut your own bangs).

7. Libra Hair Horoscope

Sept. 22 – Oct. 22

libra horoscope

Libras: it’s time to lighten up your emotional load. Your sense of over-responsibility is draining, so try to take the pressure off wherever you can. Be extra gentle with yourself, and focus on letting ease back into your life – not everything good comes from a to-do list.

Things are open again this fall (so far) – so take some time out of your getting-ready routine by pre-curling your hair extensions and perfecting your go-to look.

8. Scorpio Hair Horoscope

Oct. 22 – Nov. 21

scorpio horoscope

This fall starts slow for Scorpios, but ramps up quickly. Be sure to manage your values and (perhaps unrealistic) expectations of others before this season’s energy picks up pace. A moment of enlightenment is coming – make sure you’re ready for it.


9. Sagittarius Hair Horoscope

Nov. 21 – Dec. 21

sagittarius horoscope

Dear Sag: although you’re starting the season with a dip in your usual optimism, don’t let it get you down. Take the time to get introspective and put your priorities in order, because you’re about to experience a supercharge in the career department. Keep your options open, and don’t be afraid to dream big – there’s some powerful energy at work for you this fall.

With big dreams come big changes – maybe it’s time to try out a new style! Chat up your colorist, peruse our swatch ring, and dream up some new color.

10. Capricorn Hair Horoscope

Dec. 21 – Jan. 20

capricorn horoscope

Fall 2020 is apparently the season of love for Capricorns. Focus your energy on relationship opportunities – establishing new ones if you’re single, or deepening and expanding existing ones if you’re partnered up. Just remember to be honest about your needs and vision. If you’re feeling creative, this is the season to let down walls and go for that next idea.

Capricorn, you and the Sagittarians are both itching for a hair change. Take a peek at our Pinterest for some new ‘do inspo!

11. Aquarius Hair Horoscope

Jan. 20 – Feb. 19

aquarius horoscope

Aquarius, you’ve been focused quite a bit on goals and life direction this year, and you’ll finally get some answers this fall. You’re an agent of change the next few months – don’t waste it! Take action, but don’t forget to ask for help when you need it.

12. Pisces Hair Horoscope

Feb. 19 – March 21

pisces horoscope

Like many others this fall, Pisces are experiencing a rush of creative energy. However, now is not the time to rush your process! Take the time to figure out what feels right – in both your creative endeavors, and your existing relationships.

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