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Gorgeous Braid Inspiration for 2020 + Tutorial

| by Cashmere Hair

braided hairstyle

Today we’re discussing the ever-popular, practical yet glamorous, sometimes elusive hairstyle: the braid. We’ve rounded up a whole collection of gorgeous braid inspiration for you to drool over, courtesy of the beautiful treasure trove that is Instagram. Plus, our very own stylist Haley shares how to do a gorgeous side bubble braid that looks like you put major effort in (spoiler alert: it takes very minor effort).

I personally love a braid on the second or third day of my hair cycle – they’re perfect for hiding slightly dirty hair, and make me feel like I’m having the kind of hair day usually reserved for fresh washes (those of you who are trying to shampoo less, know what I’m talking about).

And braids are also perfect for day-to-night looks – once they’re in, they’re pretty much set and don’t need fussing. So you can do your hair in the morning, wear it through a day of Zoom meetings, then jet off to a socially-distanced picnic in the park with nary a hair out of place!

Not convinced? Check out our roundup below for some gorgeous braid inspiration, and prepare to be obsessed.

1. @aurorabraids


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How stunning is this look? I love how the fishtail crown adds a touch of interest to the top, and balances out the intricate, gorgeous braid below.


2. @narahairbraiding


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These silky knotless box braids are everything. If you’re looking to take a break from natural hair and don’t want to try clip-in’s, these are a great alternative and give an absolutely stunning final effect. What incredibly gorgeous braid inspiration!


3. @hairbyjaxx


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I’m obsessed with how these fishtail braids manage to be both chunky and wispy at the same time – a paradox of braids, if you will.

Want to recreate this look for yourself? Our Platinum Extensions will help you achieve that crazy volume and length (not to mention that silvery Khaleesi hue). Find them here.


4. @colorsbycash


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As a personal fan of boho-chic hair, I love the messy vibes this half-braided look is sending. This is also a good style to try if you have trouble hiding your extension wefts – the chunky braid crown will cover both our one-piece and classic extensions (those with thin hair can use a few of our 3″ tracks to add volume to the crown). Yet another pinnacle of gorgeous braid inspiration.


5. @braidsgang


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These box braids give immediate hair goddess vibes to anyone sporting them – I love how chunky and gorgeous they look here.


6. @taylor_lamb_hair


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This oversized dutch fishtail braid is absolutely stunning – you can check out exactly how to achieve it on Taylor’s IGTV here.

p.s. need a quick braid refresher (or are you a braid beginner?) you can check out our Braiding 101 tutorial here!


7. @haleyodegard


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This bubble braid is everything we want gorgeous braid inspiration to be: chunky, beautiful, and deceptively simple to achieve.

As our last piece of braid inspo, we’re including a step-by-step tutorial for this look, put together by our stylist Haley. Check out the video below, then keep reading for how to achieve this gorgeous braid.



1. Prepare Your Hair.

First things first – you’ll want to brush out your hair and extensions so they’re smooth and easy to style. Having tangle-free hair is a key component to successful braids!

Once your hair and extensions are brushed out, part your hair on the side.

2. Add Your Extensions.

A few extension wefts give this style its iconic wow-factor volume. Take three of the 3″ wefts from either your Classic or Seamless extension set, then on the opposite side from the part, section your hair about an inch above the ear.

Add a 3″ weft, clipping it in on a diagonal (check 00:38 in the video for a visual). Make sure you have about an inch of hair in front of where you clip in the weft!

Repeat this step with the two remaining wefts, making sections an inch or so above the first.

3. Tie In Your Braid.

You’ll need a pack of mini clear hair elastics for this – find them on Amazon here.

Take a small section of hair from the front and secure with an elastic. Then, gather hair from either side to create another section, tying it off with a second elastic. Make sure you’re not tying them too tight – you’ll need to be able to pull hair out and adjust them later!

Continue to repeat this step with the rest of your hair, sectioning, securing, and working your way down the braid.

4. Add the Bubbles.

Once you tie off the final section, you should have something resembling a braid. Start pulling hair out from each section to form a bubble – this adds the iconic texture and volume we’re going for with this look! Check out 3:09 in the video for a visual on how to do this.

Keep adjusting and pulling hair until you’re happy with the look! Remember, this is a softer look that doesn’t need to look too fussy – have some fun with it, and don’t be afraid of extra volume!

gorgeous braid inspiration


Hope you girls enjoyed Haley’s tutorial, and were inspired by some of our braided looks (don’t forget to check out the creators on Instagram – their feeds are full of more gorgeous braid inspiration!).

If you want to recreate Haley’s exact look, you can find her Sunset Blonde Clip In Extensions on our site here:

Shop Cashmere Extensions

Are you trying out this look? Take a picture or video and tag us on Instagram to be featured in another gorgeous braid inspiration roundup!

And as always: if you have questions, we’re always here to answer – drop a note below, DM us, or send an email, and we’ll help you out with this style.

You can find Haley (and more of her amazing tutorials) on Instagram at @haleyodegard, as well as featured on our own page, @cashmere_hair.

Happy styling!

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