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Fall Morning Routine Hacks

| by Makenna Ashley

The very best season has graced us with its presence . It’s finally Fall! Crisp air, cozy lattes, chunky scarves, baking and adventures… seriously, what’s not to love? Fall is also a great time to slow down and take a look around – and inside. What parts of my routine serve me, and what leftover quarantine habits do I need to let go of? I’m trying to focus on being intentional to actively practice gratitude, create a cozy and restful atmosphere in my home, and remembering what’s truly important in life. In this post, I’m sharing my cozy fall morning routine in the hopes that it inspires you to create a routine of your own! Let’s get into it.


1. Start a Gratitude Practice.

fall morning routine

To me, there are few things more powerful than keeping a heart posture of gratitude. Gratitude steadies you through hard times, and allows you to truly soak in the good moments of life (we all know, this year has been full of both!). It’s a great tool to keep us centered, but it’s most effective when we are practicing it regularly.

How do we do that? It could be keeping a thankfulness journal, writing down a few things every day you’re grateful for. Or maybe you say out loud something you are thankful for. It could be around the breakfast table, sharing a few things with loved ones each morning. The method doesn’t really matter – as long as it’s fairly consistent, this will make such a difference in your life! That’s why it’s my first step in my fall morning routine.


2. Drink a Glass of Water.

drink lemon water

Drinking water before caffeine intake can really help our bodies’ overall health. If you can get a cup in before your coffee, your body will thank you! It’s an important step of any morning routine. Water helps the body detox by flushing out those toxins, as well as re-hydrating after 8 hours of sleep so all our body systems can function properly. Add in a squeeze of lemon for some Vitamin C and alkalizing benefits!


3. Diffuse Essential Oils.

diffuse essential oils for fall morning routines

An amazing, non-toxic way to make your home smell incredible is by diffusing essential oils. For your fall morning routine, setting the scene and taking care of all your senses is a must!

Feel free to mix and match depending on what you need each morning. Citrus oils encourage a happy and uplifting aroma, while peppermint wakes you up, and lavender calms and destresses. Choose what type of morning you need, and diffuse accordingly!


4. Enjoy a Warm Fall Drink.

cozy drinks for fall

Once you’re hydrated, it’s time for the drink we all look forward to! A nice warm cup of coffee or tea adds some major happiness points to any Fall morning routine. Something about the steam swirling up is just so cozy and calming. I’m certainly a coffee lover, but sometimes my body doesn’t do well with the caffeine jitters – so depending on the day I’ll go for tea instead!


5. Turn the Fireplace On.

morning routines for fall

I love to do my morning reading (next tip!) sitting next to a nice, cozy fire. Anything that adds to the “snuggle up” vibes is a fall morning routine must in my book. If you don’t have a fireplace you could try burning a candle for the flame, but if you’re craving a nice cozy campfire sound you can actually find that on Youtube and turn it on the TV!


6. Read a Book.

read a book

When I get the chance to read in the mornings, even if it’s just for a few minutes, I am so thankful. A good book has the power to inspire us, teach us, even offer a little escape. I’ve recently been hearing the phrase “leaders are readers” and I feel that is so true! We can set ourselves up for success by learning through others words and experiences. Whether it’s nonfiction or a few pages from your favorite novel, just a couple minutes of reading each morning can really set your day up right.


7. Time To Get Ready.

get ready with clip in extensions

My favorite fall morning routine hack of all time is hair extensions! Like I show in the video, I can undo my hair from a bun, keeping in the loose curls from the day prior, and throw in my hair extensions in under two minutes. Sometimes I’ll touch up the curls, but most of the time they honesty don’t even need it! (need help curling your extensions? Check out our article here).

Having clip-in extensions ready to go speeds up my “getting ready” time like crazy – I only style my extensions once a week, and then each day after we rock the loose curls! I love using them for added hair confidence and less work.


cashmere hair clip in extensions


I sure hope you enjoyed this cozy fall morning routine! Do you have a morning routine you swear by? Did you try ours out for yourself? Let us know in the comments below!

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