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 “After trying tons of hair extension options, we could never find the perfect clip-in hair extensions, so we designed our own!”

 You have come to the right place. . .
    Rachel and Melissa had an instant connection from the first day they met, and have been like sisters ever since. These two girls both have a serious love and PASSION for beauty and helping other women. Not long after becoming friends, the two girls created CASHMERE HAIR. Selling their luxury clip-in hair extensions brand, right in the heart of Beverly Hills and quickly expanding to a worldwide beauty sensation. With names like “Beverly Hills Brunette, Sunset Blonde, Starlet Brunette, & Rodeo Drive Blonde” they offer a variety of the Richest Colors and only the best selections of superior quality hair to fit even the pickiest celebrities. Cashmere Hair Clip-In Extensions are now available worldwide for every woman and not just a secret for the Rich & Famous… 


Melissa is a Celebrity Hair Stylist in Beverly Hills, and Rachel is a Model & Makeup Artist in Los Angeles. Melissa became Rachel’s go-to hairstylist, creating the perfect color and cut.  Rachel always dreamed of fuller, longer, luxurious hair, and began making her own clip-in hair extensions for photo-shoots. With Rachel’s hair extension & styling experience and Melissa’s professional and expert knowledge of all things hair, they created the unique clip-in hair extensions known as Cashmere Hair. They are the most luxurious, natural, thick and bendable multi-tonal clip-in hair extensions.

One blonde and one brunette, each girl brings their own unique ideas and styles to the company, enabling them to understand the needs of every woman. Both are experts in their fields and are ready to share their secret with you! Now you can have the hair you always dreamed of, every day, or just on special occasions.

After only 5 months in business the two girls filmed for an episode of ABC’s popular TV Show “SHARK TANK” presenting their brand new business to the Sharks. Passion and a true love for gorgeous hair has enabled the Cashmere Hair Girls to come a long way in such a short amount of time.

Cashmere Hair Girls
Cashmere Hair Girls

     “It wasn’t until earlier this year in April of 2013 that Barone and Bernstein decided to go into business and officially launched the Cashmere Extensions Online Store. Within this short amount of time these high-end extensions have quickly become an Internet sensation as word of mouth quickly spread all over the social network sites, not to mention in their home town of Beverly Hills, CA. There hasn’t been many Brand New Start-up Businesses that can say they opened up a website, and a few months later, ended up on the Greatest Show on Earth the “Shark Tank Show.” After a little researching on comparable Hair Extension Products, the range in prices are all over the map. You can buy anything from synthetic hair extensions to the quality Remy Human Hair extensions and several in between. The Cashmere Extensions seem to be on the higher end in this market, but as the saying goes, “you get what you pay for” and if you’re looking for the Best, this seems to be It! ” –SHARK TANK SUCCESS



     Our clip-in extensions contain only the finest 100% Human Cuticle Hair. But what makes our extensions extra special and superior? All of our extensions are extra thick & blended with the wonderful Super-Blend custom multi-tonal highlight and lowlight design as well as a fullness that you can feel all the way to the ends! Giving you the fullness and softness you desire in the most natural way.  Our thick and full hair extension design not only gives you the fullest most luxurious hair,  but causes the least amount of damage, and it’s really easy to apply and comfortable to wear on a daily basis. Cashmere Hair Clip-In Extensions are the safest and most gentle hair extensions available!

We know you will love our specially designed hair extensions, order your swatches today to begin your color matching process!


Max H. Schwartz

Dec 12, 2013, 2:47 am Reply

I saw you on Shark Tank and I’d invest if I could.

Maybe I can help.




Dec 12, 2013, 2:12 pm Reply

saw you sharktank episode / it was amazing .. i am a stylist from arkansas..
will you send someone to do a party in my area ???


Dec 12, 2013, 5:34 pm Reply

Ladies youre on to something don’t cry..I def want a set and when the word gets out the entire hood race will buy it too. Don’t slack on advertising to the ghetto..ppl will give their firstborn for this.. let alone price. Sad but true. Now where do I buy

Tony Genova

Dec 12, 2013, 6:18 pm Reply

I saw you had other pages but they should be listed on you Home Page too.
Your home page is way too long, find a way to break it up into categories to make more pages and shorter.
OK, i think i am done.

Mark Hollingsworth

Dec 12, 2013, 4:45 pm Reply

I might be able to help your company as well. Please contact me.

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