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How To Winterize Your Hair Routine

| by Makenna Ashley

Today we’re bringing you 5 ways how to winterize your hair routine! Put these tips into action to keep your hair locked with moisture this season.

  1. Hide Your Hair – The more you can keep your hair out of the wintery cold, the better! Utilizing hair styles such as braids, buns, or wearing beanies and tucking your hair into coats is a great way to decrease cold exposure and prevent split ends and breakage!
  2. Wear a Satin Lined Hat – Investing in a satin lined hat will protect your hair and combat dryness!
  3. Increase and Intensify Deep Treatments – A great way to amplify your deep treatment sessions is by putting a shower cap over hair and use the blow dryer on low to open hair follicles to let the hair really absorb the nutrients from the treatments. Go longer on treatments as well, such as 30-45 minutes with the cap on, and ten minutes of low heat.
  4. Utilize Oils To Seal Hair – Make sure to put on those oils after the shower to really coat hair in an extra protective layer.
  5. Use the LOC method  – Layer hair in a liquid, oil, then cream to lock in extra moisturize for longer!

How will you protect your lovely locks this winter? xo

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