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What Kind Of Brush Should I Use With Hair Extensions?

| by Cashmere Hair

The secret to flawless extensions is this brush! Use it to seamlessly blend your hair with Cashmere Hair Clip In Extensions by brushing them together. The CASHMERE BRUSH is the Perfect Brush to use to brush Cashmere Hair Extensions and your own natural hair without pulling your clip-ins out. Great for styling, teasing and blending. 

Dimensions: 9″ x 3″
This brush prevents damage and breakage from brushing to prolong the life of your Cashmere Hair Extensions. It is also a great tool to use to blend your own hair with Cashmere Hair. Recommended for all hair types, fine, medium, and thick hair. This is the ideal brush for short to long length hair. Can be used on hair with our without extensions.
What it is:
An ultra gentle hair brush that’s perfect for all hair types.

What it does:
Cashmere Hair Brush is for the woman who wants to achieve gorgeous smooth hair without the damage. Discover maximum shine and control with this perfect brush that detangles all hair lengths while avoiding breakage, preserving the hair’s natural moisture, and keeping static at bay.

What else you need to know:
This essential hair brush harnesses the power of gentle boar bristles to deliver spectacular results. Boar bristles help care effectively for even the most fragile hair, minimizing breakage and maximizing health, which makes this the perfect brush to gently detangle your Cashmere Hair Clip In Hair Extensions. You can also use this brush to tease and blend the extensions in with your own hair for the fullest most natural results. 


Posted by Kim on 19th Feb 2015
Very comfortable to use, lightweight. Polishes my hair nicely, and great for blow drying.


Posted by Ashley on 11th Feb 2015
This brush is great – It keeps my extensions feeling soft and I’ve been using it on my own hair for the same purpose – it’s great! I noticed that with my regular brush, it hurts to get the tangles out and I feel it damages my hair, but with this brush it doesn’t hurt at all. LOVE THIS BRUSH! 🙂

Posted by Candy on 2nd Feb 2015
I purchased this brush to use with my extensions, but I love it so much I use it all of the time! I even ordered another for my 3 year old because it is gentle on her hair and it doesn’t pull. Thanks for a great product!

Posted by Unknown on 29th Jan 2015
Love this brush. it’s amazing

Posted by Lauren on 11th Dec 2014
This brush makes your own hair, and the extensions so soft and perfect! I love brushing my real hair with it! Def a must for your extensions!

Posted by Katherine on 15th Nov 2014
This is a good brush, even for brushing my own hair.

Posted by Unknown on 22nd Oct 2014
I just use this for my hair and I noticed that my hair is more Shiney and healthy :)))

Posted by Unknown on 5th Aug 2014

Posted by Vegas girl on 30th Jul 2014
This is such a great brush! It is so different from any brush that you can buy because it has just the right amount of firmness. My young daughter hates to have her hair brushed and this brush gets her tangles out so fast without any pulling, that she loves it too. Awesome brush

Posted by Ashleigh on 18th Dec 2013
I treated myself to one of the Cashmere Hair Brushes and I couldn’t be more happier with the quality of the brush and how amazing it makes your hair look! My “go-to” brush used to be my Mason Pearson but not any more with my Cashmere brush! My hair looks like I have just had it professionally styled as it makes your hair shiny and helps create a voluminous “full” look! Thank you I love my gorgeous new brush! 

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