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The inside scoop on paid bloggers/instagram accounts & pyramid/multi-level marketing hair companies

| by Cashmere Hair
Cashmere Hair Vs. Competitors

The Inside scoop on paid bloggers/instagram accounts & pyramid & multi-level marketing hair companies.

Don’t fall for false advertisements…

The truth is, there are a lot of hair extension companies to choose from these days. Are they all “quality” hair extensions is the question. We did our research for over a year to see why all of these companies had the same complaints over and over. What we found out is more information that most people would ever think. Human hair is a high commodity and prices are rising.

The research it takes to find a reliable hair company has customers heads spinning trying to figure out what the truth is. Most companies tell you their product is the highest quality and their hair is the best over all others just to get you to make a purchase. We are here to tell you today, don’t believe everything you hear or read. Do your research, read reviews and even contact a recent customer of the company if you really want to make a smart decision. Most girls don’t mind giving  their valued opinion. Now let’s talk about paid Bloggers/Instagram GURUS.

Yes social medial has taken the front seat when it comes to the social light and everyone who follows them wants to get their hands on whatever these beauty gurus have. Is it all fake? Probably not all beauty guru’s have fake opinions but they are definitely getting paid to say EXACTLY what the paid company wants them to hear & post. We have seen it for our own eyes via email. A lot of these beauty gurus & paid Instagram accounts will email our company asking for the same deal. What do we say to this? No thank you! We don’t want to lie to our customers and mislead them in a messy situation. We take this as false advertisement. It is a lot harder getting your customers to post constantly like these paid instagramers do but hard work pays off and we want our company to last for the long run with a good reputation.

Is our quality the best and most value for your money? YES. Why? Because we have taken all of the research from our competitors companies and made all the necessary changes. This started with the quality of human hair & the difference between Remy & non Remy. We only sell the highest grade of human hair and we only accept the highest grade of human hair from our suppliers. All of our hair is Remy. What is the definition of Remy Hair? The cuticle stays intact from roots to ends and is aligned in the same direction. Why do you want Remy? Because Remy hair is known to be the least tangled hair. The condition of the hair will stay soft and not matted. You are probably wondering, “Well I bought Remy Hair and I still had these problems”… WELL, that’s probably because the hair really wasn’t Remy hair.

This term is thrown around a lot from company to company. The term has been misused and abused which hurts companies like Cashmere Hair that actually uses only Remy Hair. We had all of the competitors hair extensions in our hands to test, curl, shampoo and style. Cashmere Hair is the highest quality of human Remy Hair and we will only continue to make our customers happy by using the BEST.

Now that we gave you the ins and outs on the important factors of clip in hair extensions, feel free to email us at info@cashmerehairextensions.con for any questions or inquires about Cashmere Hair!

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Aug 8, 2014, 12:22 pm Reply

that is why I will in October make my purchase with you . I strongly believe I am making the right decision.

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