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Sunset Blonde Vs. Pale Ash Blonde

| by Makenna Ashley

Hi everyone!

I wanted to show you all a couple picture comparisons of the Sunset Blonde and Pale Ash Blonde shades.

I’ve always worn Sunset Blonde but recently switched to Pale Ash Blonde and am loving it! Both shades are great, one is just a bit cooler and the other has warm undertones.

These photos were both taken in natural light and at the same time. You can see Sunset Blonde has warmer undertones with a hint of strawberry blonde. This color blends with so many different blonde shades and is the most popular shade on Cashmere’s site! The second is Pale Ash Blonde, which has cooler under tones but more on the neutral side.

You can shop both shades here: Sunset Blonde | Pale Ash Blonde

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