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Cashmere Story: 16″ Starlet Brunette

| by Cashmere Hair
Donna is a mother of 3 who recently purchased Cashmere Hair Clip-In Extensions and was happy to share her Mother’s Day photo that was taken with her 3 children. She is wearing her Cashmere Hair in the photos and said:  “I feel younger with them & with 2 kids in college, that is no small feat.” -Donna Daugherty
Cashmere Hair Extensions
Here is a photo of Donna with her kids from Mother’s Day weekend. (Left)

Here’s more information on Donna’s Cashmere Hair:

What shade and length of Cashmere Hair® Extensions are you wearing?
Shade is Starlet Brunette in 16 inch.

Is this your first set of extensions or are you an experienced extension wearer?
This is my first set!

Did you customize your hair extensions in any way?
I have not customized mine in anyway yet. The color match was so good that my daughter didn’t know what I was talking about when I asked her what she thought about the extensions. She thought I had eyelash extensions…lol!!!

Are you wearing the full set? If not, how many tracks are you wearing?
In the photo I sent, I am wearing all tracks except the tester.

Describe your own hair.
My own hair is should length that I highlight to hide gray hair. The texture is good, but not thick. I have a lot of fine hair that I also body wave every six months to add some volume.

Please tell us your story!
I decided to try clip in extensions because my husband likes long hair & despite years of only cutting dead ends off, my hair is still only a little longer than shoulder length. So, I thought Cashmere extensions would be fun to try on a date night & surprise him with my long hair:) I chose Cashmere because of the overwhelming positive reviews I watched on you tube and they were reasonably priced. It turned out that he loved them on me & I did too. They made me feel & look younger & with 2 kids in college, that is no small feat! I also could not believe just how easy they were to style & clip in to my hair. In just a few minutes & you can have thick long healthy looking hair!

I get a lot of double takes from my friends & I know they’re thinking….didn’t I just see her on the tennis court with shorter hair. But, that’s what is fabulous about clip ins, you can change your look whenever you want:)

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