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Resources + Ideas While Quarantining

| by Makenna Ashley

As we all know, COVID-19 is having a global impact. Our hope with this blog post is to bring a bit of sunshine to your day, to give you some resources while we ride out this time of quarantine.

We have two options during this time, turn to fear, or try our very best to keep our minds and hearts happy and healthy while we get through this. But either way, fear or faith, we will get through it. So let’s try our very best to be intentional with this time and be able to look back and know we did all we could to pursue joy in this time.


*If you or someone you know is out of work, check out Amazon. They are hiring 100,000 employees to take on all the extra orders happening right now. It is a temporary position until things go back to normal and our normal jobs pick up again. Here is the link to find something in your city and apply. 

  • If needed make sure to check your local health and welfare and government financial help.
  • Remember, we will get through this. Let’s rally around one another and if you are in a position where you have extra, try to find someone who is in lack and help in any way you can.

Overall wellness: 

Stress actually affects our bodies on a cellular level – so let’s be proactive and make sure we are all applying these tips so that we can keep stress at a minimum and keep our bodies above the wellness line.

  • Exercise: try to move your body at least 30 minutes a day. A walk, jog, dance around the house, workout, etc. Just move your body! This releases endorphins which helps our bodies release stress and feel happy!
  • Speak positively: our words have so much power! Speak life and wholeness over you and your family. Use positive affirmations and even write down what you are needing/wanting during this time and begin to speak it!
  • Get dolled up: Just because you can’t go anywhere doesn’t mean you can’t apply on make up or do your hair. Since you can’t see your hairstylist why not use your clip in extensions to give your hair instant length and volume.

  • Nutrition: stress actually makes our bodies crave sugar and fatty foods, and this can be a hard cycle to break. When we fuel our bodies with foods that positively affect or brain and mental health, we are doing more benefit than we even realize. Sugar and fatty foods are hard on our bodies so do your research and try to feed your body whole, mind benefiting foods! Some great ones are: citrus, berries, broccoli, nuts, and lean meats.


Being mindful of others during this time is crucial. Yes, we need to practice social distancing; however, also be aware of people, family, friends, in your community who are relying on our helping hands. Whether its grocery shopping for the elderly, or picking up curbside (if possible) and delivering to a struggling family, let’s try to each do our part to create unity and help one another through this!

Isolation is not necessarily the great for our mental health, so think of creative ways to connect with loved ones! FaceTime, Skype calls, letting your child send fun texts to relatives, etc. While we are needing to be separate for the most part, try to get creative to stay connected and lean into one another!

Let’s get organized:

If you’re able and needing some organization in your life (like me) then use this time to spring clean! I have set out to do one task each day that I normally wouldn’t have time for, i.e. my laundry room and closets!

Ever heard the phrase, “clear home, clear mind?” It’s SO true! Just clearing out the mess in the laundry room gave me a bit more space to breathe and the satisfaction of a perfectly organized laundry space, yay!

intentional headspace:

I have had to be very mindful of where I’m focusing my time. I’ve realized if I spend too much time researching and on social media, I start to walk over the line from peace to anxiety. Whenever I start feeling like that, I know I need to take a break from social media and the news and really practice being present.

Try your best to know your boundaries, recognize if something is causing you to lose your peace and then re-focus. Get offline and go read a book that inspires you, de-clutter, or be present with your kids. Doing things with your hands like fixing something, getting creative, drawing, folding laundry, etc. is a great way to clear your mind and focus on one thing at a time.


If you’re like me, you may have kids at home, or you may know a mama or caregiver this could really help. I’m going to list a few resources that will help with balancing all the screen time most of us are getting right now. A few fun websites, projects, ideas to be intentional at home!

Youtube Channels:

  • Kids Art Hub – This is a Youtube Channel with easy to follow art tutorials! This is great for all ages, even adults too! They are professional, upbeat videos that have step-by-step directions to create fun pictures.
  • Cosmic Kids Yoga – This Youtube channel takes kids on fun adventures while moving their bodies and doing yoga! The creator has all sorts of themes everything from Frozen to doing yoga on the farm. An adventurous and fun way to get your kiddos moving even while inside.
  • Blippi Educational Videos – After the uproar of inappropriate content being produced and hidden in kids Youtube channels, I am very diligent in making sure what my kids are watching are truly safe. Blippi is a brilliantly quirky content creator that kids love – and I also love because his videos are very educational. Everything from learning colors to learning about policemen and fire stations – he is goofy and silly and a great watch for littles.

Some other great interactive learning websites:

Our Favorite Apps: 

  1. I LOVE both PBS Kids apps, there are two. A video app, and a game app, both of these are wonderful and free to use.
  2. Sago Kids games are great for younger kids as they are simple and easy to use.
  3. Vooks, (can be used on the computer or on their app.) Making story books come alive which is fun for children to read along with!

Non-Tech Activities:

Getting fresh air and some Vitamin D (the sun) can really boost our immune systems! Thankfully in most of the US the weather is getting warmer and as we transition into spring we can start to get outside more.

While we need to practice social distancing, getting outside is beneficial for not only our immune systems but also our mental health. Here are some fun things we can do with our kids outside!

  • Bird watch, see how many different types of birds you can spot
  • See what plants are starting to bloom
  • Go on a nature walk and collect 5 things to bring home with you to investigate
  • Get some yard work done, planting flowers or prepping by pulling weeds
  • Have your littles practice some motor skills by galloping, hopping, jumping, and skipping!
  • Take your shoes off to practice ‘grounding,’ read more about this in our last post on self care to see the health benefits of this!
Ok Cashmere family, I hope this was helpful, be encouraged that this too shall pass! Sending hugs and love!

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