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| by Cashmere Hair


Love the look!

Product: Sunset Blonde 20″ Clip In Hair Extensions
Posted By: Ms. Pape
Cashmere has done it right. The extensions are beautiful and match my hair so well, my hairdresser had trouble determining my hair from the extensions. Beautiful quality. I would highly recommend to my friends.

Best hair extensions ever!
Product: Ombre 20″ Clip In Hair Extensions 
Posted By: Sandra
I’ve had all kind of hair extensions for the past 10 years and not one of them would compare to this ones! So awesome and thick and perfect! Love them. Xx

Best Clip-In Extensions Ever
Product: 9021Ombre 20″ Clip In Hair Extensions
Posted By: Marleny
This hair is just amazing, the color you see in the picture. The hair is so soft and silk and does not shed at all. The hair is really thick so I only end up using 2 or 3 tracks out of the 7 pack since my hair is really thin. Overall the best hair extensions.

Product: Natural Blonde 20″ Clip In Hair Extensions
Posted By: Kelly
Love love love this product! I never tried extensions before and these are so awesome! It totally adds a ton of volume to my hair which is what I was looking for! I would love to wear these every day!

Exceeded My High Expectations!!

Product: Sunset Blonde 20″ Clip In Hair Extensions
Posted By: Jackie
I have been wearing extensions religiously for almost 10 years. Both clip-in and great lengths…. I can honestly say that Cashmere Hair is by far the best and my most favorite. I love that you can take them out at the end out the day unlike my bonded extensions. I also love the thickness of Cashmere Hair! I felt gorgeous, there was SO much I think I could leave a few of the extensions out and it would still look just as amazing. The hair quality is great. It doesn’t tangle or knot easily and the color is just gorgeous. I highly recommend these to anyone. My hair is thin and it makes my hair look so fantastic. Overall a great product.


Product: Ash Blonde 20″ Clip In Hair Extensions
Posted By: Maria
I got my extensions like 3 weeks ago and to be honest I’ve been wearing them every day i absolutely love them . Thick, amazing quality and not to mention they do not shed at all which is amazing . I have tried so many different companies online , from the most known ones and i have to say these do not compare any of them . I am more than pleased, i love my Cashmere hair 🙂

Best purchase ever!

Product: Dark Brown 20″ Clip In Hair Extensions
Posted By: Missshana
Well worth the cost! Beautiful and high quality 🙂

Beautiful Extensions

Product: Brown 20″ Clip In Hair Extensions
Posted By: Nicole
I received my hair extensions and couldn’t wait to put them on. I have never worn hair extensions before, nor have I ever shopped for them. This is my first experience and I’m completely satisfied. I would definitely recommend these extensions and would also purchase them again in the future.

Convenient carry bag

Product: Cashmere Luxury Bag
Posted By: Nicole
This bag is a great way to keep your extensions neat and tidy. It’s also makes your extensions very easy to travel with.


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