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Must Have Self-Care Tips for Spring

| by TaylorToro

Self-care continues to be a buzz word for the modern day woman.

In addition to navigating our careers, skin-care routine, and social lives, it’s now suggested that we add self-care into the mix. While this may sound like just one more “should” to add to the to-do list, self-care can actually help align all the other things we are trying to balance in everyday life.

Sure, self-care has been accused of being a sugar-coated catalyst for lavish spending or breaking social plans. But at its core (and when done right) self-care helps us to be the best version of ourselves. It is truly a holy practice.

And let’s be honest, when we are more intentional with our self-care, our beauty routines tend to THRIVE.

With Spring around the corner, now is the perfect time to shed the winter woes and give yourself some extra love as this new season dawns. Let’s look at several ways you can show yourself care this spring.

A Date with Yourself

When is the last time you took an entire day or even afternoon to yourself? Not a day to run errands or catch up on laundry, but a day that’s truly all about YOU and doing things YOU enjoy – not something your friend, boyfriend, husband, or kids enjoy.

It could mean taking a day off form work or having someone watch your kids one Saturday. It might look like you toting a favorite book to your local coffee shop and just sitting and enjoying your own company.

Maybe you explore a new boutique or take a solo walk on your favorite path.

Personal days are amazing for recharging. Make sure to eliminate any plans that might deplete your energy or steer you from the outcome: to provide self-care.


This self-care technique is far from the woo-woo spiritualism that has peaked in our current society (although it’s welcomed by crystal-chargers and star-gazers alike). While it IS getting us back to nature, there is a crucial scientific element to grounding.

But what exactly is grounding? It’s the simple act of walking barefoot on the earth. It’s not walking barefoot on a sidewalk or wood flooring, it’s walking on earth. Think soil, sand, and grass.

The benefits? You can deduct one very clear benefit from the name itself, it grounds us. It gets us out of head-space. It brings us out of an anxiety-fixed state. It calms our nervous system and is actually associated with better quality seep.

And the science that comes into play with grounding? It’s about ions.

Positively charged ions are found in cities and indoors where stagnate air lives. Negatively charged ions are found in meadows, forests, and by moving water. Did you know the crashing of ocean waves actually create negative ions? There’s literally matter splitting apart.

Most of us have our fill of positive ions from the stresses of every day life (commutes, offices, staying indoors), but a few minutes walking barefoot on the earth can help to counter those effects.

This is a super simple act of self-care that can look like you stepping onto your front lawn after a long day of work (just make sure you’re not using chemicals on your yard!). Bonus points if you can get out in a more remote area to ground. I personally love grounding on the beach!

Food as Medicine

Want to maximize your beauty-routine while providing self-care at the same time? Up your clean eating game.

What we consume can literally make us SHINE from the inside out. As an act of self-care, swap your morning coffee or afternoon treat with an organic green juice. It’ll load your body with the greens it so badly craves, provide hydration, and assist in combating inflammation in the body.

My skin has never looked clearer than when I’m incorporating dark cruciferous veggies into my diet and drinking tons of water!

In general, upping your intake of organic fruits and vegetables can increase energy and stave off issues associated with too much sugar (like breakouts and mood swings).

That’s not to say you can’t enjoy the occasional indulgence, but seeing food as medicine is a wonderful way to show self-care. By fueling your body you in turn yield better results for facing all of life’s obstacles energized, clear-headed, and balanced.

I love to follow this wellness gal on Instagram, she’s all about recommending ingredient swaps and better food choices, with zero guilt. Catering my Instagram feed to show me educational wellness content has been a wonderful act of self-care.

Gift Yourself Permission

Permission is a beautiful thing. Often times we can get caught up in the above, seemingly more “dutiful” areas of self care like what we consume or how we spend our time.

But permission to enjoy things for the sake of enjoyment is another form of self-care. And it’s a big one.

Whether it’s picking up a bouquet of flowers to adorn your dining table or gifting yourself some luxury hair extensions (my absolute favorite being these from Cashmere Hair, I’m wearing them in the photo above) it all serves to delight and spark joy.

Restriction can be a form of self-care. I will restrict my time on social media in order to free up my evenings with those I love. I will restrict the sort of content I’m consuming on a daily basis in order to set the tone for my mental health.

These are all noble restrictions that can serve our hearts.

But at times we can be too restrictive, and that’s when a little sparkle and whim needs to enter our lives! A spontaneous purchase can assist in this. Going for a massage or getting your nails done are other options.

It’s important to note that frugality and savings have their merit, but if we are smart with our self-care choices, we can sprinkle in some healthy indulgence as well.

From taking a day for ourselves to grounding in our own gardens, self-care is waiting for each of us! I hope you try out one of these tips. Let me know what you do for self-care in the comments section below!

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Photography by lifestyle and destination wedding photographer Danielle McBrayer.

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