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Cashmere Story: 20″ Beverly Hills Brunette

| by Cashmere Hair

Cashmere Hair isn’t just a beauty product, it becomes a part of you when you wear it. We are honored when a customer shares their touching story with us for why or how Cashmere Hair extensions have impacted their life. Cashmere Hair not only improves the way you look, but more importantly, the way you feel when you wear it. There are so many causes and reasons why you may feel like you need a little help from hair loss, hormonal changes, pregnancy, age, disease, stress, or even just nature… we aren’t all born with amazing hair. Everyone has a story….[divider]
Shade Pictured: 20″ Beverly Hills Brunette

Cashmere Hair Clip In Extensions
Shanna Marks and her Mom.

“It all started with Barbie’s!”

Hi!  My name is Shanna Marks I live in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania about 45 minutes outside Philadelphia.  I would describe myself as a hair connoisseur. I have been in the hair industry my entire life. It started when I figured out how to curl Barbie’s plastic hair without melting it off when I was about 6 years old.  LOL!   I come from a very long line of hairstylists.  My mother was a cosmetology teacher.   I followed in her footsteps and also received my cosmetology license.  I excelled in the program and then was awarded a full scholarship to enter the teaching program just like my mom.  I graduated the teaching program with flying colors and went on to working for the world’s leading provider of hair loss solutions for Men and Women.  I helped people everyday with hair thinning or loss and although it was mostly men with thinning hair, I did also have female clients who suffered with hair loss or thinning.  Seeing women loose their hair broke my heart but at the time, I did not know how close that would hit to home for me.

I worked at the world’s leading provider of hair loss solutions for 5 years until my mother was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer.  My mother lost her beautiful thick waist length hair from the chemotherapy.  It was so heartbreaking to see her suffer.  My mother passed away one year after her diagnosis. I stopped working there to take care of my mother until her passing.  I was crushed but shortly after her passing I met my wonderful husband.

Cashmere Hair Clip In Extensions

Currently, my job is being a mommy to my two wonderful children.  I am a super busy stay at home mom but I refuse to “let myself go”.  I love fashion and I take pride in my appearance.  My mom always said, “When you look good, you feel good!”  During my second pregnancy I started loosing my hair.  I would stand in the shower in tears with clumps of my hair crying to my husband.  My hair is long but it thinned so much from being pregnant.   I probably lost half of my hair.  I even had bald spots. During this time, I saw Cashmere Hair on Shark Tank and I was sold.  I didn’t order right away because at the time I had extensions already.  After receiving my Cashmere Hair, I threw all my other extensions in the trash.  There was literally no comparison.  I only wish I ordered Cashmere Hair sooner!  The Cashmere Hair is so soft and luxurious and thick from root to ends.  It curls in a breeze, it is comfortable to wear, and soooooo easy to clip in.  I wear the Beverly Hills Brunette shade and it is a PERFECT match to my medium brown highlighted hair.  I bought the 20 inch length.  It blends in perfectly and gives me the fullness I so much wanted back.  On special occasions I wear the full set but most of the time, I am so busy with my children that I clip in two or three pieces in a “snap,” and that gives me just enough of fullness, and people still stop me telling me how gorgeous my hair is.  Thankfully my natural hair has improved but I will be a customer of Cashmere Hair for life.  I am ordering some of the fun colors next.

“Cashmere Hair gave me my confidence back, and you cannot put a price tag on investing in yourself!”

Cashmere Hair Clip In ExtensionsCREDITS:

Follow Shanna Marks@mrsshannam
Clothing by @designerconsignerbethlem
Hair color and cut by @Brittanyshears @thesalonpa
Extensions by @cashmere_hair


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