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How To Clip In Extensions For A Ponytail

| by Makenna Ashley

Here is a quick tutorial on how to clip in your extensions for a ponytail! What you’ll need: a claw clip, a hair tie, and 3 large wefts of Cashmere extensions!

This method is great for a low ponytail…

Step 1: Divide your hair about an inch above the ear and hold remaining hair with a clip.

Step 2: Clip in the 6-inch weft.

Step 3: Part hair just slightly above where the last weft was placed, and hold with a clip.

Step 4 & 5: Place both the 7 and 8-inch wefts into the hair.

Step 6: Pull all the hair into a ponytail and ta-da! You’ve got a gorgeous, FULL ponytail!


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