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Horoscope Hairstyles For Summer 2020

| by Katie Martello

Today, we’re combining two of our favorite past-times: horoscopes and hair. Nothing feels quite as indulgent as sinking into our daily horoscope (hello, have you checked your Co-Star recently?). And obviously, we all love a good hair tutorial. That’s why today, I’m sharing our top horoscope hairstyles for summer 2020 – complete with a video tutorial for one of our faves at the end. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get started!

1. Horoscope Hairstyles: Aries


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Aries are bold, ambitious, and ready to dive headfirst into even the most challenging of situations. This style is more difficult than it looks (those curls are done with rollers, girl), but I bet our Aries ladies are up for the challenge.


2. Horoscope Hairstyles: Taurus


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Taureans are earth signs, and enjoy serene environments and surrounding themselves with natural, soothing comforts. This undone braided look is just the style for our earthy Taurus girls.


3. Horoscope Hairstyles: Gemini


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Symbolized by celestial twins, Gemini are interested in so many pursuits that they need a personal double. Enter, the double-twist!


4. Horoscope Hairstyles: Cancer


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Cancers are highly intuitive, empathetic creatures. Often rumored to have psychic qualities, they read rooms incredibly well, and have a mediating presence in groups. This soft look is full of summery highlights and easy on the eyes, setting whatever room you walk into at ease.


5. Horoscope Hairstyles: Leo


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Roll out the red carpet – the queen of the zodiac has arrived! Leos love to bask in the spotlight and celebrate all that life has to offer (including themselves – and why shouldn’t they?!). We’re taming the Leo mane a bit for summertime and pulling it back into a low pony. Don’t worry, you can still keep your lioness vibes.


6. Horoscope Hairstyles: Virgo


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Next, we have our Virgos. Logical and practical, Virgos have a deep-rooted presence in our material world. No one understands the summer chop better than our Virgo girls – one taste of the humidity, and that length has got to go! Say hello to this fresh choppy bob.


7. Horoscope Hairstyles: Libra


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Libras are all about balance and harmony, and they strive to create equilibrium in all areas of life. These chunky french braids are a perfectly balanced match (learn how to hide your extensions in a french braid here).


8. Horoscope Hairstyles: Scorpio


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And then we have Scorpios. Incredibly passionate, Scorpios are highly intense about their emotions – and also highly guarded. The duality inherent in every Scorpio comes out in this half-up, half-down twisted ‘do.


9. Horoscope Hairstyles: Sagittarius


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The adventurers of the zodiac, Sagittarians chase after geographical, intellectual, and spiritual pursuits with blazing intensity (they’re a fire sign, after all). This look embodies all a Sag is – simply whip a few tiny braids together, then it’s time to move onto your next pursuit.


10. Horoscope Hairstyles: Capricorn


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Capricorns are ambitious, organized, and goal-oriented – they certainly don’t mind the hustle. This gorgeous braided low pony, complete with a few face-framing tendrils, is perfect for keeping hair out of the face while you get through your task list.


11. Horoscope Hairstyles: Aquarius


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Intelligent, innovative, and kind, Aquarians value a unique life. So yes, we’re saying go for that steely blue no one else is sporting this summer.


12. Horoscope Hairstyles: Pisces


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Pisces are empathetic, romantic and imaginative – they’re all about feelings, and they catch them quite a bit. This soft romantic twist is gorgeous and gentle, just like you and your feels.


Horoscope Hairstyles: A Tutorial By Our Resident Scorpio


Now that we have you all scurrying off to recreate your looks, Haley is going to step in and teach us how to effortlessly pull off her Scorpio look: a twisted half-up, half-down horoscope hairstyle. Let’s get to it!


Step 1: Clip In Your Extensions.

Haley is using our one-piece weft, which you can find here. Start by brushing out your extension piece, then section your hair just above ear level and clip it in

(p.s. extensions tangling more than usual? It might be time to wash them – learn how to do that here).

Step 2: Curl Your Hair.

Next, part your hair in the center and brush it out, then curl your hair away from your face in small sections. Spray with hairspray to set a bit.

Step 3: Create The Twists.

grab a small section near the front of your part and split it in two. Twist the pieces around each other, adding hair from the top to each piece as you go. Make sure you watch the video, this part can be tricky!

When you reach the back of your head, twist the remaining piece all the way down, spray again with hairspray, and pull out a few bits for volume. Pin to the back of your head, then repeat on the other side.


horoscope hairstyle for Scorpios


And voila! Your twisted half-up horoscope hairstyle is complete. Want to recreate Haley’s look? Her one-piece volumizer in Sunset Blonde is linked here:

Shop Cashmere Extensions

If you enjoyed Haley’s tutorial, check out her other amazing videos on Instagram at @hairbyhaleyo and www.hairbyhaleyo.com.

And as always, I can be found on Instagram at @kmartello – don’t be afraid to say hi!

I hope you ladies enjoyed our fun little foray into horoscopes (I know I certainly did). What do you think… should we make this a regular thing? Let us know in the comments!

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