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Hair Extension Transformation

| by Cashmere Hair

Hair Extension Transformation // Cashmere Hair isn’t just a beauty product, it becomes a part of you when you wear it. We are honored when a real Cashmere Hair customer shares their story with us for why or how Cashmere Hair extensions have impacted their life. Cashmere Hair not only improves the way you look, but more importantly, the way you feel when you wear it. There are so many causes and reasons why you may feel like you need a little help… we aren’t all born with amazing hair. Cashmere Hair can transform you. Everyone has a story…. [divider]
Tell us a little about yourself!

My name is Ronda Daly, I live in Windham, NH and have 2 children and 4 step kids:)  I am the Sales Director for a Consulting Company called Financial Aid Services.  We process Title IV for Schools around the Country.  I do a lot of traveling all over the place for work.  I attend Conferences where School owners attend to become accredited and then work towards offering Title IV to their students.  I usually have an exhibitor booth that I work at and also mingle with the crowd to introduce myself and our Company.  As you can imagine, my self image and appearance is very important.  I’m always wanting to look good and feel confident as I approach people.
ronda hair 1
My background is I was a New England Patriots Cheerleader for 6 years back in 1991-1997.  So you know that I have been in the public for a long time and want to always look good.  This isn’t the first time I have had a bad experience with a hair dresser messing up my hair:(  You would think I would learn by now to give them specific instructions.   I have used other hair extensions in the past for my wedding, but they were not as good quality or thickness as the Cashmere Hair Extensions.  I must of watched your how-to videos a million times hoping that I would be able to make my hair look as good as all of your models.

What shade and length of Cashmere Hair® Extensions are you wearing?
About a month ago I finally took the plunge and ordered the 16 inch California Blonde set.  The color is exactly a correct match!

Did you customize them in any way?
I did end up cutting them about 4 inches when I first got them.  I want to look natural as can be.  I am planning on taking them to my new hair dresser to have her cut them a little better than I did since I just cut with some scissors at the house.  I definitely am not a stylist, so I’m sure when my hairdresser puts them in for me, they will look much better, but I am happy with how I have been able to work with them.

Are you wearing the full set? If not, how many tracks are you wearing?
I have sent you some pictures with it in a ponytail (whichI used 2 of the 2-clip tracks) and it works perfect!!  Once Cashmere Hair Extension TransformationMy hair is a bit longer on top, I won’t need to use a bobby pin to hold hair back, but for now I am so happy I can put it up and it looks cute:) When I keep my hair down, I have been using the 2-clip sides in and then only end up using 2 in the back of my hair (I use the middle and shortest tracks).

Describe your own hair.
As I had told you before, my hair is a mess with all short pieces all around the sides and top of the back of my hair. When I look in the mirror, I want to cry.  I am counting down the months as new hair will grow and I can get back to normal.   It looks like a shag and it is awful!!!!  I am so grateful with the Cashmere Hair Extensions!  I know as my hair grows, they will look even better once the top layer of my hair covers them more.  My hair is currently short on sides with some straggly pieces and then in back there is some long to my shoulder but looks awful.  I am not sure if I even want to show you what I look like without anything in, it is so embarrassing.

My girlfriend at work was so impressed with my hair extensions that I helped her pick out a color and she ordered as well!  She is very happy with hers.  She did have her hair dresser cut hers and she loves the volume it gives her and she loves the pony tail look as well.
The picture holding the Cashmere bag is me without any hair extensions in:
Cashmere Hair Extension Transformation
Thanks again for helping through this awful time with my hair.  I at least know I can have a great look with the Cashmere Hair Extensions!!!

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Jul 7, 2016, 3:14 pm Reply

I am growing out a somewhat spiky ‘do, trying to get it close to one length…it is not quite chin length at this time. Are extensions ONLY for the girls who already have longer hair? Or can I lengthen what I’ve got and have it look natural? I have baby fine hair so I need help!

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