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Guess Who is Appearing on ABC’s Shark Tank?

| by Cashmere Hair

Cashmere Hair Shark Tank ABC

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Elan McDowell

Dec 12, 2013, 3:03 am Reply

Dear Cashmere hair ,
Let me introduce myself.
I am the owner of Studio Elan in New Canaan CT.
Master stylist and platform artist
Extentions are huge on the east coast.
Just saw you on shark tank.
While I know you will be receiving a lot if interest , PLEASE google me. Would love to talk to you about these pionts .
1. Who is your distributor on the east coast ?
2. Who represents you regarding the cutting of these extensions- to the salons you do/ will supply?
3.How can I help you with your party planning for homes/ salons?

I know a lot of hair contacts on the east coast.
Also, I am just as passionate about hair as you. I too cried, when someone did not believe in ME!
Please feel free to call me 293-550-9259 cell.

Hope to here from you happy holidays!

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