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French Braids: How To Hide Clip In Extensions

| by Eriselda

It seems that our worlds have turned upside down due to COVID-19. We need to try the best we can to adjust to the new normal. Being quarantine is not easy and it can definitely spark negative emotions that can control our minds.

Instead of letting this situation control us we can take advantage of it. Staying positive is key and believing that this will pass is what will keep us going. Focusing all of our energy in the media and the negativity surrounding COVID-19 is not beneficial at all. we can take advantage of all the free time that we have been given by:

  • reading books
  • taking online courses
  • learning a new language
  • organizing your closet
  • meditating
  • focus on business ideas
  • learn new hairstyles

Speaking of hairstyles, ever struggle with hiding your hair extensions when doing braids? Don’t worry, we created a simple and short video that shows you how get the perfect braids using hair extensions without the wefts showing.

Here is the video tutorial, it’s only around four minutes long! We get a lot of questions on how to hide the wefts so they don’t show at the part.  This video goes step-by-step over how you can clip the the extensions so the wefts won’t show. 

French braids are the perfect daytime hairstyle. They require no heat and are so easy and quick to create. The clip in extensions help make the braids thicker and longer. You can rock this look with a cute sweater and a pair of your favorite denim. Also, French braids are perfect for those summer days when it gets super hot.

To create this look you must first:

  • brush your hair and clip in extensions to make sure there are not tangles
  • part your hair down the center
  • make sure both part are even
  •  using a comb make a section from the center parting to your ear
  • back comb your hair so the extensions and have more grip and don’t slide down
  • add your two left clips
  • repeat about an 1″ of your first section.
  • when clipping the wefts make sure it is clipped closer to the outside of the head with about 1-2 finger width from the middle parting
  • this will ensure full coverage
  • start French braiding your hair from the front
  • when you get to the wefts keep braiding by grabbing the hair on the outside of the hair.
  • when you are finished with your braid tie the braid off
  • adjust hair in the back of you hair to cover any part of the weft showing
  • repeat steps for the other side
  • once you are done with both sides adjust your hair and apply hairspray

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and you will give it a try. Our model Haley is using four 3″ wefts of Cashmere Hair extensions in  the shade Sunset Blonde. Two on each side.

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