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Double Dutch Braided Pony

| by Makenna Ashley

Hi Gorgeous!
You can get really creative with ponytails these days, making a hybrid ponytail/braid, which can look like it took hours to do, but really only took minutes. With a little practice, and following these steps you can also create this look. Of course you can clip in your Cashmere Hair Extensions before starting for extra fullness, and length to your braids and pony (See Diagram for how to clip in the Cashmere Hair track(s) to add fullness to your braids. You can also do the braided part first and ADD your Wrap Ponytail to the “ponytail section” for the same look if your hair is too short! Create some messy waves in the ponytail section of this Double Dutch Braided Pony for a laid back look, or wear it straight for a more polished look. Double Dutch Braided Pony

Follow these steps to achieve this Double Dutch Braided Pony Hairstyle:

Step 1: Give your hair a deep part, and brush the crown portion of hair towards the back of your head. 

Step 2: Section 3/4-1 inch of hair from your part and clip in a track of Cashmere Hair extensions. This is going to give you much fuller braids.

Step 3 & 4 : Separate your part into two even sections. Braid both sections into dutch braids, keeping them separate. Pull apart both braids for more fullness.  This is also the time to pull the remainder of your hair into a pony tail.

Step 5: Attach each dutch braid onto the ponytail using a clear elasticI like to attach each braid separately, this gives less tangles and also keeps the braids tight into the ponytail all day.

Step 6: Wrap a small section of hair from your ponytail around the elastics. Secure with bobby pin. 

Tip: If you like pieces framing your face, pull these pieces aside before starting the braids! 

Thanks for reading, we love to see your recreations! xo #cashmerehair #makennaashleyhair


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