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Cashmere Story: 20″ Sunset Blonde

| by Cashmere Hair

Cashmere Hair isn’t just a beauty product, it becomes a part of you when you wear it. We are honored when a customer shares their touching story with us for why or how Cashmere Hair extensions have impacted their life. Cashmere Hair not only improves the way you look, but more importantly, the way you feel when you wear it. There are so many causes and reasons why you may feel like you need a little help from hair loss, hormonal changes, pregnancy, age, disease, stress, or even just nature… we aren’t all born with amazing hair. Everyone has a story…. [divider]

Tell us a little about yourself!
I just turned 21, my name is Amanda Robertson, I live in Newburgh, Indiana. I’m going to school for Sports Nutrition. I love working out and anything health and fitness!

cashmere hair

What shade and length of Cashmere Hair® Extensions are you wearing?
Sunset Blonde, 20 inches.

Is this your first set of extensions or are you an experienced hair extension wearer? 
This is probably the 4th set of Cashmere Hair Extensions I’ve bought!

Did you customize them in any way?
No, I wear them how they are, I curled mine!

Are you wearing the full set?

Describe your own hair.
I have shoulder length hair, it is thin!

Please tell us your story!
I chose Cashmere Hair because of the great reviews and excellent customer service! When I received my first set of Cashmere Hair I knew I would be ordering them again! They last so long and stay perfect…they never shed and that’s what I love! They also blend in so well!


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