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Cashmere Story: 20″ Lightest Blonde

| by Cashmere Hair

Hair Extension Transformation // Cashmere Hair isn’t just a beauty product, it becomes a part of you when you wear it. We are honored when a real Cashmere Hair customer shares their story with us for why or how Cashmere Hair extensions have impacted their life. Cashmere Hair not only improves the way you look, but more importantly, the way you feel when you wear it. There are so many causes and reasons why you may feel like you need a little help from hair loss, hormonal changes, pregnancy, age, disease, stress, or even just nature… we aren’t all born with amazing hair. Everyone has a story . . .[divider]

Tell us a little about yourself!

My names Cassandra! 🙂 I’m 22 years old and I live in Eugene, Oregon. I recently just graduated with my bachelors in human physiology at the University of Oregon. Go Ducks! 🙂 I love hair, makeup, and fashion, but I’m truly a science nerd at heart.
Cashmere Hair Extension Transformation

What shade and length of Cashmere Hair® Extensions are you wearing?
I am wearing 20″ Lightest Blonde
Is this your first set of extensions or are you an experienced extensions wearer?
I have worn extensions for over 3 years and these are by far the best that I have ever worn
Did you customize them in any way?  (Cut, color, etc?) 
Because I dye my hair I had to dye the extensions to add a little dimension. I also had them cut to shape them in a more natural way for my hair since my natural hair is so short.

Cashmere Hair Extension Transformation

Are you wearing the full set? If not, how many tracks are you wearing? 
I alter the amount that I wear depending on my hair style. But for the majority of the time I wear the full set.
Describe your own hair.
My hair has a really hard time growing. It is very thin pretty stringy, especially because I dye them.
Please tell us your story!
I have always struggled with loving my hair because it would never grow! When I decided to start using hair extensions, I naturally decided to go with the cheap kind at a beauty supply just to make sure that I would be able to maintain using them. I began to like the length but I wanted something that would look a little more natural. I opted with [another brand of] Hair Extensions because my favorite bloggers used them and raved about them. When I got them I was so disappointed! They were so corse and ratted so easily! At this point I became good at hiding their flaws but I still wanted something else. I heard of Cashmere Hair but I was scared to try them because it seemed to be hyped the same way as [another extension brand]. However, I decided to try them and see what happened. I seriously could not be more happy with they way they turned out! They are so soft and they look like my hair! They even flow with my hair which was the biggest struggle with the other extensions! I love them and I will seriously never go back!
“I honestly owe all of my hair credit to my hair dresser Kelsey Garrison! My hair started out as black and she has managed to make it into what it is now! I absolutely love my hair!”

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