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CASHMERE HAIR Style Guide: Instant Makeover!

| by Cashmere Hair

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Clip-in hair extensions are the best way to get an instant makeover, without the commitment, damage, or cost of other options. Celebrities are constantly changing their hair with the the use of Cashmere Hair clip-ins, and can be seen wearing them at many red carpet events. Cashmere Hair instantly lengthens your hair and gives you extra volume and body. They allow you to completely change your hairstyle without damaging your own hair. We offer a wide variety of colors of clip-in hair extensions that can be customized to fit your needs. We recommend cutting them to blend with your natural hairstyle for the most seamless & undetectable wear. (Always choose a professional hair extension expert for any alterations to your hair extensions.)

Here are some tips for getting the best results when wearing CASHMERE HAIR:

  • It is easiest to clip in Cashmere Hair extensions in shoulder length compared to short hair. More preparation is necessary for shorter hair to clip-in the extensions and can be noticeable without the help of a professional. But with the right styling and trim, Cashmere Hair can suit many different hair looks and styles!
  • The color of the extensions should blend perfectly in with the color of  your natural hair. A slightly lighter or darker shade can work with the natural color as well since all of our colors are multi-tonal. For best color matching, view in day light.
  • Cashmere hair extensions can be straightened, curled and washed, we recommend styling your extensions to match the same texture as your own hair.
  • Wash your original hair and apply gel or mousse to help your hair in holding the extensions.
  • The safest and easiest way to achieve the perfectly blended look can be obtained by curling the extensions before placing them in your own hair. The extensions will blend better with your hair with the help of curls or waves.  It is harder to blend in the extensions with the straight hair, and therefore extensions that intend to be worn straight, always need to be trimmed to blend.

Get the most glamorous hair, with more volume and body to your hair by using Cashmere Hair clip-in extensions! This is easiest and most convenient way to change your hair  without making any permanent or drastic change. Love your hair, and care for your hair! Wear Cashmere Hair for the perfect make over results! Go long & go strong!

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