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Cashmere Hair Re-Airing On ABC’s SHARK TANK Sept 11, 2014

| by Cashmere Hair


The CASHMERE HAIR Girls have come a long way since first pitching their business in front of the Sharks, hoping to get a deal with one of ABC’s Shark Tank Investors. The Sharks were right, they didn’t give the girls a deal, but instead encouraged them to hustle to make it on their own. That’s exactly what Rachel & Melissa did. They are excited to look back at this episode from the first few months of being in business, and see how much their company has grown & changed over the last year. “Shark Tank was such an amazing experience for us, it really helped us to build, grow, and turn our dream into reality very quickly. We’ve been giving our competitors a run for their money & we are here to stay!” Says co-owner Rachel Bernstein. Don’t miss these two ladies in this celebratory re-run of ABC’s SHARK TANK airing on Thursday, September 11, 2014.



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Ann marie Golembiewski

Sep 9, 2014, 2:43 am Reply

I would buy it i love it

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