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Braided Ponytail

| by Makenna Ashley

Follow this easy tutorial to create this braided ponytail style. Braided Ponytail

Step 1: Put your hair into a ponytail, leaving out a 3-4 inch section in the front. 

Step 2: Do a dutch braid down the section of hair that you left out. Leave out any pieces of hair you want framing your face.

Step 3: Pull out pieces to give the braid more volume. I pulled mine out as much as possible, because I really wanted a large chunky braid.

Step 4: Tie off the braid with a clear elastic.

Step 5: Wrap the end of the braid section over and around your ponytail.

Step 6: Continue wrapping until you no longer can, then secure the loose ends with bobby pins.

Tip: Tease the pony tail for added texture and volume! 

Enjoy! xo

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