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No Pins Bohemian Braid

| by Cashmere Hair

Effortless hairstyles are on trend these days & you can get this look by adding Cashmere Hair and styling with a half up style with a loose braid. First curl hair and extensions and clip them in. Create a loose braid starting from each side and coming together into one fishtail braid. As the day goes on, it will get looser and look even more bohemian.

Cashmere hair extensions

If you don’t secure the braid at the bottom, eventually, the braid will come undone and you will be left with a very pretty beach wave. If you would like for the braid to hold all day…easily just add your favorite hair elastic to secure it. 

Shade Pictured: 20″ Sunset Blonde.

TIP: Place Cashmere in a U-shape to help them blend if you haven’t had a chance to trim your extensions yet and need to wear them right away. This technique gives them a more natural layered look that will help them to blend with your own hair.

Cashmere hair extensions


[author image=”http://i1272.photobucket.com/albums/y385/cashmerehairbh/d65b03e1-b8d0-48c8-860f-65b7242d2c50_zpsfxbdd3ap.png” ]Olya is a celebrity hair colorist and extension artist at Ramirez Tran Salon in Beverly Hills. Having perfected her technique over the years at top hair salons, she has made a name for herself among the elite members of the industry. Using only the finest grades of hair extensions, Olya takes her time with clients to ensure a superior quality of her work. She believes that every woman deserves to feel beautiful. With her expertise and top quality hair, Olya performs color corrections and extensions applications that can offer clients a brand new look. She draws inspiration from children¹s naturally highlighted hair, as well as bright contrasting shapes and exciting color combinations. Olya is always educating herself about new techniques and revolutionary hair products to improve her work and her clients¹ experience. As such, she utilizes Olaplex, non ammonia hair color lines, and healthy shine conditioners after color applications. This method maintains the integrity of the hair for each client. RamirezTran.com [/author]

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