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Beauty Bunny Secrets

| by Cashmere Hair

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Beauty Bunny Irina Voronina’s Gorgeous Hair Secret!

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The lovely Irina Voronina, Actress, Model , and Playboy’s Miss January 2001 has been kind enough to share one of here beauty secrets! Which happens to be her gorgeous hair secret of CASHMERE HAIR CLIP IN EXTENSIONS!



Every one who knows me doesn’t get surprised to see me with long beautiful hair at photo shoots and short hair in real life. My hair has never been my best feature. Luckily, I can easily change that by using clip-in hair extensions. They are super easy to use, and it takes me less than 10 minutes to snap them on.

I just picked up a new gorgeous set of clip-in extensions by Cashmere Hair. I went with the darker shade this time to create more dimension. ‘Ash Blonde’ shade worked out great and photographed beautifully.”

Beauty Bunny Irina Voronina's Gorgeous Hair Secret!

Check out her blog for more great tips and secrets! http://bunnybeautysecrets.com/

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