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5 Ways Air Dry Extensions

| by Cashmere Hair

Why is it important to air dry extensions?
Getting your hair extensions to last the longest amount of time possible is not only better on your wallet, but it’s better for the look of your extensions as well. Hair is fragile and doesn’t last forever. That’s one of the reasons many women end up looking to hair extensions. Heat styling, blow drying, dying, straightening, and chemical treatments your own hair can do some major damage.

There are several things you can do to ensure a longer life on your hair extensions, the most important one is to minimize the amount of heat styling you apply to them. Blow drying your extensions might seem like an ok thing to do, but it’s not in the long run.  Once in a while when you are in a hurry it’s ok, but totally eliminating the drying heat and friction that blow drying causes will save your clip-ins.

How long do hair extensions last? Cashmere Hair® extensions are high quality hair but with daily wear and heat styling everyday, even great hair can become damaged quickly. Stick to these easy and clever methods to air dry your clip in hair extensions.

air dry extensions Cashmere Hair

We recommend washing them the day before & letting them air dry overnight. There are several different ways that you can air dry them so that you don’t have to do any additional styling. You can hang them up to dry, lay them flat to dry, twist them, braid them, coil them to air dry and more! Each one of these air dry options will also help to style your extensions in different ways to also help with creating a desired texture or look without causing any heat damage.

air dry extensions Cashmere Hair

Since Cashmere Hair is real human hair and each set is a combination from multiple doners, you don’t always know what the natural texture is going to be exactly like. But in most cases, it has a slight wave to it when you air dry them. This works out great if you also have a slightly wavy or a curly texture to your own hair. Brush out tangles after washing, and clip the extensions to the hanger that comes with the Cashmere Hair Storage Bag and hang them to dry, that’s it. This will enhance and encourage the natural texture of the hair itself. You can also gently “scrunch” it in your hands to increase the amount of wave while it is air drying.

air dry extensions Cashmere Hair

If you like to wear your hair extensions straight, laying them flat on a dry towel is the best method of air drying them for you. After washing them, use the Cashmere Hair Brush to gently remove any tangles, and as you are laying them down on the towel, use the brush to smooth out the strands so they can dry straight. Once dry, brush them to smooth the strands, and if necessary, use a flat iron to smooth out any parts that need extra smoothing.

air dry extensions Cashmere Hair

Twist each individual track or all tracks together at the same time for larger waves, all the way from the top to the ends and lay flat to dry. Once dry, finger comb out twists to separate strands. Using your fingers will keep the shape and a piece-y looking texture. Be careful about brushing this technique out, it might make it look too frizzy. Use this technique on your own natural hair while air drying it as well, and continue to re-twist pieces ever 10 minutes until hair is dry. Always twist pieces “away” from your face around the front, and you can alternate twist directions around the back of your  head. It creates more of a structured curled wave, rather than a chaotic beachy wave.

air dry extensions Cashmere Hair

Braiding your hair extensions while drying is an easy way to create soft waves. Just braid each track all the way to the ends and lay flat to dry. Keep in mind that the tighter the braid, the longer it will take to dry and the tighter the wave will be. Don’t forget, you can also braid your own natural hair and air dry to match with the texture of your clip-ins.

air dry extensions Cashmere Hair

This method kind of looks like little bird nests while they are drying, and can be achieved by coiling the hair by making circles with the hair instead of laying them flat.  Take wet extensions and spiral them into circles on a towel to air dry. This method creates a large wave that tends to have some randomness to it. Great to match with an air-dried bun technique with your own hair.

We’ve seen many different ways that people have styled their extensions, but we would love to see how you also AIR DRY your hair! Share your method with us by emailing photos and details to Cashmerehair.posts@gmail.com for a chance for your technique to be featured on our blog & social media!

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