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5 Valentine’s Date Ideas That Aren’t Boring

| by TaylorToro

Cupid’s day is fast approaching! Visions of roses, cards, candle-lit dinners and chocolates are dancing in our heads (and let’s be honest, how about a massage too).

Or maybe you’re rolling your eyes at the thought of enduring another Valentine’s Day and all the expectations that come with it. The holiday can prove to be pleasure or pain, depending on your current place in life.

Single, dating, or several years into “I Do”, I’ve got 5 Valentine’s Day Date ideas that won’t leave you feeling blah over this year’s holiday. These date ideas are FUN, spicy, and certainly not your run of the mill plans for a romantic evening. Some don’t even include a date!

Yes that’s right ladies, it’s 2020 and we can date ourselves.

Alright Cupid, hold on to your arrows, we’re diving into date idea #1!

Restaurant Roulette

Now, this date idea is not for the faint of heart. If you’re a planner to the core who needs a lot of certainty about how their night is going to go, you may want to have a little pep talk with yourself 😉

For Restaurant Roulette you and your partner need to decide on 5 different restaurants. To make the night more fun pick 5 COMPLETELY different restaurants. Maybe one restaurant is super meaningful on a sentimental level. Perhaps you choose your first date location.  For another restaurant select a total wild card, a spot with a cuisine you’ve never tried!

Additionally select a swanky spot in town that would really stretch your dollar and in turn also select a beloved fast food joint that ‘s your guilty pleasure. Once you have 5 restaurants in mind, call and make reservations at the ones that you know will book up.

THEN on the eve of Valentine’s Day write the names of your 5 different restaurants on separate slips of paper and toss them in a hat. Decide who will draw the slip of paper that will charter your course for the night and BOOM!

Go with whatever restaurant is on the slip of paper you pull from the hat. Also make sure to phone and cancel your reservations at the restaurants that were not on the slip of paper you drew (it’s the courteous thing to do and will free up a spot for a couple who didn’t reserve their table ahead of time!).

It’s a game of chance sure to lead to a whimsical and unpredictable night! Are you up for it?

Passion in the Planetarium

Reminiscent of your school field trip to the science center, this Valentine’s Date idea has all the romance and nostalgia one could hope for. Look up what shows your local planetarium has for the week and enjoy an evening under the milky way with your special someone.

The night sky teeming with constellations is sure to evoke inspiration for after-show festivities as well, if you catch my drift 😉

Looking to continue your experience with the stars? Google where the planets were at the moment of your birth and share zodiacs with your date.

It’s a unique way to spend your Valentine’s Day and is sure to light any space enthusiast’s fire.

Dessert Tour

Skip the reservations and enjoy a spontaneous dessert tour in your local town! Beat the crowds (and save some $$) by eating a meal at home and then heading out for a fancy cocktail/dessert tour through your city.

Start out in lounge clothes for your meal at home and then make a quick wardrobe change to set the tone for your night out. The contrast will add some sizzle to your evening! Don a slinky dress, heels, and hair extensions (these are my favorite!) to really spice up your vibe.

Your date will be more than ready to take you on the town!

Make sure to select locations with bar seating just in case the date night crowd hasn’t died down just yet. Also, take time to look up restaurants that are renowned for their dessert menu.

Split one dessert at each location to save room and really experience a full tour of your city’s decadent options.

Tip: The Melting Pot makes for a great finale with their melted chocolate fondue options and they have locations in most major cities.

Spa Night In

*Date not included (or needed!)

Defuse some essential oils, dim the lights, and don your comfiest attire for your own spa night at home.

Stock up on some favorite face masks (this one is my fave) and settle in for a night of pampering.

I recommend skipping the sappy romantic movies and opting for curling up with a good book and glass of wine. Another idea is to journal about your current place in life, your emotions, and goals. Make Valentine’s Day a meaningful and productive holiday through pouring energy back into yourself.

We sometimes run ourselves ragged between work, social commitments, and trying to take care of other people. This Valentine’s Day can be all about restoring your soul and giving self-love!

If you have a partner they can join in too. Share your goals, take turns giving each other back massages, and cheers to a relaxing night in.

Want to take your spa night in a step further? Book an in-home massage and truly bring the spa home. Zeal offers same day bookings in multiple cities! And you can even schedule a couple’s massage or one with a girlfriend.

Share the Love

This is a not so typical Valentine’s Date that takes the pressure off of displaying your undying love for your BF or hubby AND spreads good to strangers (perhaps strangers without a Valentine of their own).

Head to your local florist or grocer and stock up on single stem roses (any flower will do really). Head to a local park, coffee shop, or shopping center and hand out the roses to people walking by. Tell them “Happy Valentine’s Day!” when you do it.

Watch, it will totally make their day to receive a flower from a stranger. And it will give you more warm fuzzies to see the smiles you put on their faces than any box of chocolates you might have otherwise used the money on for you and your partner.

It’s such a simple act, but a powerful one. Spread the love!

Are you going to try any of these 5 Valentine’s Date night ideas out yourself? Let me know in the comments what ideas you have that are not so typical ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

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