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5 Best Beach Hats For Summer

| by Cashmere Hair
These beach hats not only keep the sun’s harmful rays off your scalp, locks and face, but they look great too. This classic wide brimmed floppy hat is an essential for your closet and is timeless. These hats can makes you feel glamorous when paired with some gorgeous sunglasses, and the perfect swim suit. If you aren’t getting wet, you can wear your Cashmere Hair clip in extensions clipped under the hat for the ultimate low maintenance long beach locks or create a loose braid to keep your hair and extensions tame in the heat and humidity. We all know the sun is damaging to not only our skin but our hair, and our scalp, so why not add one of these elegant hats to your collection? There’s also something totally appropriate about a fedora or cowgirl hat when made from light materials like straw or crochet for hot summer days. Traveling? Find a floppy hat that is soft and when flattened can easily be reshaped, so that you can fit it into your suitcase anytime you travel to another warm weather destination.

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Vera Bradley wide brim hat

Wide brim hat

Flora Bella wide brim hat

Kate Spade crochet hat

Eric Javits wide brim hat

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