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3 Best Casual, Yet Stylish, Ponytail Looks For The Summer

| by Jensyn Warren

Casual Ponytail Method Using Wrap-Ponytail

The First Way To Get This Look…

In this post I want to share with you all a few very quick, easy-to-do ponytail looks that are amazing for summer’s hot weather! I have two methods using the Cashmere Hair Wrap Ponytail, and one method using their clip-ins! This method using the clip-ins will give you a ponytail look that is more layered. It is super simple, just like the others, but gives a slightly different look of the ponytail! This technique gives an even more natural style, due to the layering look that is demonstrated in the video below. It looks like your hair is layered, and has just been pulled back into a cute, casual ponytail! At the same time, it is comfortable and super simple to do!


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Second Way To Get This Look

My last blog post was about slicking your natural curly hair back, and blending it nicely with your Cashmere Hair wrap ponytail. For those of you with curlier hair, (or really any hair type), who have straightened their hair and still want to rock that super natural-looking high ponytail, I’m going to show you how how! This look with the Wrap Ponytail is very basic. The only thing that I do not use is the wrap-around piece! I actually secure the ponytail with any scrunchy or thick hair tie that I choose, which gives me that casual and natural ponytail look.


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Casual Ponytail Method Using Clip-Ins

For those of you who do not have the wrap ponytail [which you should… it’s amazing], don’t stress! I have a super easy trick using Cashmere Hair’s Clip-In extensions that you’ll all love!

No Wrap Ponytail? No Worries!

If you are seeking a ponytail look that is casual yet stylish to help relieve some of this summer-time heat, please keep reading! Don’t have the Cashmere Hair Wrap Ponytail? No worries! I have an extremely simple way to create this super fun and casual ponytail using only their clip-ins!


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Ponytail Using Clip-Ins

Many people wonder how to get a cute, natural-looking ponytail with only clip in extensions. While there are some different techniques people use to achieve this look, I have one that is super easy and makes my ponytail look very natural. I love it because it is stylish, it’s out of my face, and helps me to go throughout my day and not die in the heat! It’s so easy, and all you need is your Cashmere Hair Clip-Ins and an elastic to tie your hair up.

It is absolutely perfect for the summer.

Super Easy… You Have To Try It!

As many of you know, I have super curly hair. Although I love wearing my Cashmere Hair Wrap Ponytail when my hair is either straight or curly, I love wearing it most when it’s curly. This is so that I am protecting my natural hair, which I explained in my last blog post. For days that my hair is straightened, and I still want a cute, natural-looking high ponytail, I can achieve this just as easily using my Cashmere Hair Clip-Ins! I am so excited to share this trick with you all. I want to stress to those who do not have the wrap ponytail, that you can still achieve this style super easily with your clip-ins.

I am all about protecting your natural hair. There is a very specific way that I like to do this style so that it reduces the pull on my natural hair.You can be certain that your hair is not being pulled or damaged in any way using this method! To add, it is super comfortable to wear all day long. Here is the step-by-step process of how I do this!

Why These Tricks Using The Clip-Ins And Wrap Ponytail Are So Great

Using the Wrap Ponytail…

These two techniques I offered to you all using the Wrap Ponytail are amazing for those who don’t feel like using the wrap piece somedays. While I love the look that the wrap-around piece gives and how easy it is, I notice myself not wanting to use it at times. Sometimes I simply just want more of a casual look, and I think that a scrunchy creates that style very well! Some may feel that the wrap piece creates a super neat and more put together look, when somedays you may just want a casual, messy, and effortless type of look!

Using the Clip-Ins…

Using your clip-ins to create this awesome casual ponytail look, is super great for those of you who do not have the wrap ponytail. Even for those who do, it is still a great way to take advantage of the versatility that Cashmere Hair Clip-Ins has to offer, and switch it up some days! Flipping the clip-ins upside down is a great technique to reduce any pull on your natural hair. It makes it extremely comfortable to wear, giving that the tracks are going in the same direction of your hair! This technique has done wonders for me and I can’t wait to hear how it works out for all of you!

Thank You!

These little tricks are things that I use on my own hair almost all the time. I hope you all utilize them and try them out yourselves! Leave a comment below letting me know how these simple tricks work for all of you! Thank you so much!

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