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3 Creative Fishtail Braids

| by Makenna Ashley

We all know and love the classic fishtail braid for the reason that they are a timeless sophisticated way to show off your hair.  Please view some of our tutorials on how to make your fishtail braids really stand out and above all look your best. Enjoy these unique twists on the classic braid! Use Cashmere Hair Extensions to achieve your hair goals.


  1. Use the fishtail to pull hair into a half-up style, and finishing off with a gorgeous pull-through braid!

Source: Alex Gaboury 


2. Fishtail intertwined with a mini dutch braid down the center!

Source: Makenna Ashley 


3. A fishtail braid aligned with a dutch braid, worn 3 different ways!

Source: Missy Sue 


Which one of these fishtail hairstyles was your favorite? Let us know below! Xo

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