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Spring Hair Tutorial With Flower Crown

With Spring flowers blooming, we thought this was the perfect spring hair tutorial to share. Using a flower crown headband, we’ll create a simple yet stunning hairstyle, and share our secrets in how to achieve this look. You can use any flower crown that you want or even make your own.

Step 1: Place your headband over the hair, leaving a 2-3 inch section in the front of the headband to from your face. The headband should go over your hair, rather than underneath in the back portion.

Step 2: Place two bobby pins, one on either side of the headband to hold it in place. This is they key to this hairstyle working. Without the bobby pins, the headband will slide up and off of your head.

Step 3 & 4: Grab a section of hair from underneath the headband, about 1 inch wide, and place it up and over the headband.

Step 5: Pull section back down from the headband.

Step 6: Continue wrapping, about three sections for the right side.

Step 7: Starting on the next side repeat steps 3-6.

Step 8: There may be some gaps in the wrapping, that’s ok. See step 9.

Step 9 & 10: Pull at the pieces wrapped around the headband, pulling towards either side to widen the wrapped piece and give it more volume.


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